My Billion Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist

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But one quote is telling, at the end of the day they would have a group meeting to discuss how glad they were to be in the RPF. North Korea had nothing on these people.

Ron Hubbard. That always got to me; we were thanking LRH for the privilege of being sent to live in a garage and being treated by the rest of our friends and colleagues as a lower status of being. I had nothing to worry about and my son would make it. She had a daughter who had apparently gotten into some unsecured cleaning supplies and drank from an open bottle; I could not believe this mother blamed her young cild.

Six Ex-Scientologists Speak Out (2010)

She eventually got released from the RPF, and went to LA with her husband Chris who was also in the RPF, -the tale gets more involved the deeper down the rabbit hole you go. She got back into Scientology management, her husband ran the Celebrity Center. However, there is little stability in Scientology. In Scientology ran itself off a cliff in a madhouse of power-grabbing and sadism. It was only a matter of time before Nancy and her husband suffered the same fate.

‎My Billion Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist on Apple Books

But there would be no return to the RPF for this couple, they simply refused to go. This left them only one option, they had to leave the Sea Org. This was not easy but they did it. They were able to get help from family and friends, with a lot of sheer determination they were able to get their lives back on track. Eventually, with help from family and friends, and heroic efforts of their own, they got back onto their feet.

They even made it back to California as members in good standing of Scientology. For a time they worked hard and prospered. Nancy was also persuaded to take up her old line of work as a spy, although it was as a volunteer. This was as bad as it gets for a Scientologist. Her company, as a member of this group, was now put into the position of actively recruiting people to become Scientologists. The ruining of the mission system played itself out; few people were now joining. Pressure was put on Scientology companies to take up the slack.

Soon she was looking for something more honest. She also opened up her own personal and business consulting service. Scientology always had work for spies, in fact they still do, spy work has never been out of vogue for this cult. After the convulsion that just about blew Scientology out of existence there were people who decided to go out on their own and start Scientology splinter groups. Nancy was recruited to spy on some of these people.

Nancy thought that while technically this independent Scientology was illegal due to copyright considerations she nonetheless liked some of the people involved. The fat was in the fire. Once something like this happens you will never again be trusted by Scientology. My favorite quote in the book concerns the abysmal condition of child education in the cult. I asked the admissions person there for some statistics on their graduates: what their SAT scores were, what sort of colleges they got into, and what percentage received college scholarships.

The one question that I cannot completely answer is why do otherwise intelligent people stay so long in a deranged cult like Scientology? We are talking about some first class dementia here, not just a little internet conspiracy theory. The most I can say is that is makes me think of riding on a speeding bus with no cord to ring for a stop. You may want to leave but if you head for the door the driver and the other passengers would bark a warning to you. So you keep riding and riding until you realize that you are not on a bus at all. Instead, you are on a little donkey the type Sancho Panza rode when he followed his master on his crazy quests.

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RSS 2. When she arrived, Remini said two high-ranking Scientology officials were there with Cruise and Katie Holmes, his new girlfriend at the time. Remini said one of the Church officials there that night reported her comment to the Church. Remini said the accused then have to answer to the allegations in auditing sessions. Remini admits to writing Knowledge Reports herself frequently, including on her own husband. You are evil.

Remini said she was increasingly dismayed by the fawning attention Church officials heaped upon Cruise, who was extremely close with David Miscavige. But what really bothered her at the wedding, Remini said, was that Miscavige was there without his wife, Shelly.

Pdf My Billion Year Contract Memoir Of A Former Scientologist

But Remini said she left the wedding on what she calls a mission to save Scientology, writing a Knowledge Report complaining about Church members at the wedding. To her dismay, Remini said she learned that numerous Scientologists had filed reports on her for being loud, late and rude, upgrading her hotel room and switching seats at the reception. At the wedding, the behavior as a guest, a friend Remini voluntarily went to the Church to receive religious services. Her characterizations are another example of revisionist history.

After the wedding, Remini resumed her life as an active Scientologist. She continued taking Church courses and doing her auditing sessions, while "The King of Queens" ended its run in May after nine seasons and episodes. Later, Remini said she wrote a letter to David Miscavige, apologizing for "acting like a complete idiot at the wedding" and "I admire you for all you have done. But in her mind, Remini said the seeds of doubt had been growing, not just about the organization but also about its cosmic theology. In one document written by Church founder L. Ron Hubbard, he tells a story about an intergalactic warlord named Xenu.

A very small portion that deals with the most advanced levels of spiritual counseling is restricted to those parishioners who have attained the prior levels of spiritual awareness. While Remini struggled privately with her faith, she said she continued a cordial friendship with Tom Cruise and exchanged friendly notes, including one in which he thanked her "for being such a great Scientologist. Remini said the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce re-ignited a lot of her old anger about her grueling counseling sessions in Florida and about all of the money she says she had spent on the Church for auditing, courses and materials.

As her frustration mounted, she said she decided to commit a serious infraction in Scientology -- she went online and began reading comments from critics of the Church. Remini herself had long dismissed Church critics, but then, in an abrupt about face, she reached out to Mike Rinder, a man the Church views as one of its arch enemies. She said she demanded Church officials deliver a note from her to Shelly. Where is Shelly?

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After that, Remini said she was finally ready to leave the Church. The Church told ABC News in a statement that Remini was expelled for ethical lapses, and claims she tried to stay, which Remini denies. Leah Remini went public with her separation from the Church in summer In one statement to ABC News, the Church said Leah Remini's "repeated ethical lapses and callous treatment of others led to an ecclesiastical review which resulted in her being expelled.

She now regurgitates the tired myths the Church has repeatedly debunked, circulated by the same tiny clique of expelled former staffers bitter at having lost the positions they enjoyed before their malfeasance and unethical conduct were uncovered. All rights reserved.

Play ABC News. Leah Remini. Sherry Ollins.

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