Forging the Future of Special Collections

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I wanted to showcase a few simple but common sense good practice principles to build a high level of engagement on any digital platform while drawing attention to the prevailing risk of digital exclusion. Secondly, the paper summarised some crucial lessons learnt valid for similar projects on any scale, including aspects of volunteer management and partnership working. Collaboration and social power After a packed first day, Isabel Wilson, Senior Manager with ACE, summarised her favourable impressions which day two confirmed: There is a power shift happening inside the institutions.

Traditionally, curators and archivists as the decision makers guarded their collections to which access was limited to those with the knowledge and skills to do so. The new power is the public: Organisations are moving to open up towards their users, using new ways of sharing their holdings through digital services and collaborative working. The inspiring case studies at DCDC14 demonstrated how these approaches can benefit all vital functions of archives, libraries or museums.

Institutions thus increasingly find themselves having to rethink internal structures and processes with communications and community engagement as encompassing tasks. Especially in terms of volunteering, archives and libraries of every size develop programmes to engage volunteers with a variety of tasks. In the UK, dedicated volunteers increasingly act as important links between the heritage organisations they support as advocates and the communities they represent. The National Railway Museums volunteers very successfully support the museums blog with up to three entries per week.

This particular solution for the well known issue of finding the additional staff time needed to maintain a social media presence additionally provides motivation and retention for knowledgeable volunteers and helps build the museums reputation as an accessible institution that accepts multiple interpretations alongside the curators voice. Explore York Libraries and Archives enthusiastically showcased their model of upskilling and empowering community groups by supporting them to build their own archive; a very recommendable focus on sustainable relationship building.

The adventure of digitality Case studies of explorations and uses of digitality came predominantly from the areas of disseminating and sharing archive and library holdings in order to improve searchability and discoverability of collections. Social medias role in raising awareness of holdings to new audiences seems unstoppable. A study by TNA so recent it is not even available online yet on online audiences and digital services shows that almost half of local authority archives used social media in They draw the attention of both academics and e.

Allison Cullingford, Special Collections Librarian from the University of Bradford and keen blogger herself, successfully demonstrated how the creative use of copyrighted material can overcome perceived limitations of using collections on social media without risking the organisations reputation of a well-referenced academic institution.

Peter Findlay, Digital Portfolio Manager from Jisc, spoke about the advantages of using major external platforms such as Wikipedia often seen as the infiltrating enemy when thinking about providing online content. And last but not least: bringing down energy use employing solar and kinetic energy.

Share our excitement. Traditional materials give rise to new usage. New technology mingles with familiar products. Explore the impact of all this on our society. See the future of materials today. It is a European project with the objective to make Europe a better place by co-designing for all and by all. PROUD helps and supports designers to have the right facilities, knowledge and expertise to play this key role in innovating Europe. Dutch Design Week , , Design Week Kortrijk Design City Luxembourg Kortrijk BE , Budafabriek.

Forging the Future of Special Collections - Google книги

Lancaster UK , Imagination Lancaster,. Luxembourg LU , Forum da Vinci. The people of Material Sense are experts in bringing together new materials and their applications. Expect, for example, a cabin that combines tradition with innovative technology. Made weather - proof thanks to burnt wood, then insulated by a material made of jeans waste, and decorated with panels consisting of compressed grass. We at Material Sense are a curious lot. What material makes your heart beat faster, what do you think is sustainable or special? Take your material to us, tell us your story and we will put your gift on display during Dutch Design Week.

Surprise us, and let Material Sense surprise you! Memory metals that make your shirt wrinkle on a hot day, and Glare, the sandwich aluminium used in wings of aeroplanes. And what to think of the sheet metals which patterns are defined by a self-organising principle inspired by nature, so called biomimicry. The examples show that sustainable use of materials and an optimal product experience can go together perfectly well.

It was shown at first at the International Center for Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven, the first centre in North Western Euorpe to show visitors, participants and users how the future will take shape by combining skills and knowledge in the area of sustainability. The travelling exhibition was shown at several places in Europe connected to events where discussions on sustainability stood central.

Meet the materials of the future! This exhibition is about how materials can become part of the fabric of our being. It shows how they support us, offering comfort and safety. Many of these materials change according to the varying needs of users. Already well-known phase change materials can keep the human body at the right temperature, or protect against shock.

Photoluminous and thermochromatic materials can warn us or attract attention if necessary. Soil Lamp gets its energy from the metabolism of all the little creatures that live in mud. Other innovative textiles react to touch, movements, or temperature. Also challenging is how at first glance simple materials like concrete can be turned into inspiring and inviting products like 3D play tiles hat can be used to play marbles and turn into an interesting reflective pattern when filled with rainwater.

Berlin DE , Dutch Ambassy.

Discovering rare books and archives in Special Collections

Treat yourself to a feast of sensations! Dutch designers, researchers and industry are exploring new techniques and are eager to show the new forms they have found.

While this Material Sense exhibition focuses on the results of materials research, the products, there will also be plenty of. Discover surprising bamboo constructions, new traditions in porcelain facing bricks and electrically lit, patterned wallpaper. As the guests filed into the ornately decorated Grand Ballroom, replete with huge baskets of ferns and branches hanging from the frescoed ceiling, there was an air of palpable excitement.

No one is more deserving of this honor. The speaker revealed to the elite, mostly non-Armenian audience that the honoree was born to Armenian parents in Tabriz, Iran. She encouraged him to pursue his studies in Beirut at 15 years of age. When he came to this country at age 22, he knew virtually no English. Attending Stanford University, education had become the cornerstone of his life from an early age. He quickly advanced, and his storied career included Gregorian becoming the second foreign-born provost of the University of Pennsylvania, the first foreign-born president of The New York Public Library, the first foreign-born president of an Ivy League university Brown , and later the president of Carnegie Corporation of New York.

#197 – The History of Our History

He made a huge impact on public media, especially PBS, and he has been a man of inspiration, boundless energy, and special warmth both with the powerful and the not powerful. World-famous violinist Pinchas Zukerman, accompanied by Canadian pianist Bryan Wagorn, delighted the guests with several classical and popular selections. As an optimist and a realist, Vartan knows how to bring people together. This article was first published by the Armenian Mirror-Spectator and republished with permission.

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You are always ahead of the curve, always out there observing, and learning, and creating new ways to help kids and parents navigate the world around them. In , in the midst of the civil rights movement, Sesame Street was created with the hope that television be used to level the playing field and help disadvantaged children prepare for school. At the gala, Ford Foundation president Darren Walker and Corporation president Vartan Gregorian received a joint Visionary Award for the pivotal role the two foundations played in the development of Sesame Workshop and public television itself in the s.

We started as an experiment — and it worked. Also in May, the Tenement Museum in New York, which advances understanding of the immigrant experience and highlights the role that immigration has played in American history, honored Corporation president Gregorian, along with educator and filmmaker Henry Louis Gates, Jr. In February more than leaders from higher education, government, and diplomacy gathered in New York City for three days to explore the future of international education. The summit was one of several programs that celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Institute for International Education IIE , an organization known for its prestigious Fulbright scholarship program and supported by the Corporation since its inception years ago.

State Department, the Language Flagship of the U. IIE was one of the first advocates for international exchange, pioneering new models of collaboration among colleges and universities across the globe. Johnson at the event. Over the past years, IIE programs have aided thousands of scholars, students, and artists threatened by conflict and turmoil in their home countries.

By providing refuge to imperiled scholars, the IIE has helped shape scholarship around the world.

The Andrew Carnegie mascot marched alongside nearly 60 representatives of various Carnegie organizations, including Corporation president Vartan Gregorian. It was great exposure for us within the Scottish American community.

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Photos: Celeste Ford. Hellman, president of the American-Scottish Foundation. A new exhibition follows the remarkable journey of the young factory boy who used his prodigious gifts to become the most prominent philanthropist of his time. Also available evenings to Stern Auditorium concert patrons.

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In preparation for the exhibition, Francesconi spent a year researching, interviewing family members, poring over biographies, and digging through archival documents, vintage photographs, and historical artifacts. The early poverty. The grueling week journey, by boat, ferry, and barge, that brought him and his family to western Pennsylvania in after his father lost his job in Scotland.

To a remarkable degree, Carnegie possessed the ability to make insightful — even visionary — decisions at the critical junctures in his life. Young Carnegie heard about a well-to-do man who possessed a large library that he made available to working boys. He knocked at the door but was turned away when the man learned that he was but a lowly bobbin boy.